Weekend Wiffle Tournament!
August 20, 21

Starting today (August 20), George Field will be hosting a wiffle ball tournament. The tournament will be a bracket style tournament. Here is what you need to do:

    1. Get a team of THREE people together. You can choose anyone, they can live in the neighborhood or out of the neighborhood.

    2. Come to George Field at 1 oclock. Hopefully after you eat lunch.

    3. Text the name of your team and the members of your team to 616-307-7982.

    4. Once you show up, you will receive a bracket with the schedule on it. Most likely the last few games of the tournament will be played on Sunday. It will be double elimination.

    5. Do something unique! Don't go over the top with real expensive jerseys, but possibly wear the same t shirts, hats, etc.

    6. You do not need to come with a team. If you cannot find a team, come to George Field at 12:30, and we will place you on a team as more players arrive.

Thanks! We hope to see you out here at George Field today!  Thanks!